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A Rescue Was Born

Within a year of moving to Rolette County, North Dakota, TMAR’s founder Keith Benning turned his entire life and home into a makeshift animal shelter. Whether he intended to or not, a rescue was born.

TMAR operates in an underserved community where veterinary access is sparce and local animals are in desperate need of a helping hand. We work hand in hand with our comunity to save thousands of animals each year. Independant rescuers within the community play a pivotal role in shaping local attitudes toward strays, encouraging responsible pet ownership and advocating for the humane treatment of animals. We are nothing without our community, we are nothing without our volunteers.

Thank You To Our Volunteers

Within TMAR, no one person wants, asks or needs credit for the volunteer work they do. In fact, if you ask anyone involved, each person gives credit to the next person, or to the whole team. This is one of the reasons why we have been so successful in our efforts: our volunteers function as a selfless and cohesive team.

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Meet the tmar board!

Keith Benning Founder 2015
TMAR’s founder and shelter manager, Keith Benning, a Deputy Sheriff and Municipal Judge in the county.
Trista Zacharias Joined 2016
My role with TMAR has changed over the years, and now I’ve settled nicely into a position as lead cat coordinator which includes placement in foster care and ultimately their forever homes! I also serve on the board and assist with message intake.
Aliah Chappell Joined 2016
Aliah has been volunteering and serving on the board of directors for TMAR since 2016. She lives in Hatton, ND with her husband, son, and 3 dogs (one that is a TMAR foster fail). When she isn’t helping TMAR she works as a registered nurse for the University of North Dakota.
Chelsea Radi Joined 2020
I love to see my fosters thriving in their forever homes and knowing there were so many wonderful people who helped get them there. I’ve always had a passion to help animals; currently I live with my husband Tyler, Dog Libby, and Phi the cat. I have many roles with TMAR which include board member, dog behaviorist, event planner in Grand Forks, coordinating the medical calendar, and fostering.
C.J. English Joined 2016
Rescue Writer. Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author in animal rights. Passionate vegetarian. Pit bull mom.
Mary Joined 2022
Mary joined the board in 2022. She lives in Brooklyn Park MN with her husband and their two rescue cats, Bauer and Mikko. She is an accountant by day and a rescue accountant by night.
Steph F. Joined 2022
People and Organizational Development are Steph’s areas of expertise. Her goal is to transition TMAR seamlessly - from garage rescue to state-of-the-art shelter. She serves TMAR virtually, cuddled up to senior rescue dog, Serafina.
Annette Murphy-Hatz
My name is Annette. I am here to see this shelter built. To help to save the animals that don't have anyone else to help them. To get them safe, fed, warm and loved and into a new future. I'm here because these people are my family. We are TMAR.

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