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Here are some of the common questions.

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Search for your lost dog or cat on Petco Love Lost. We have partnered with Petco Love Lost to easily search the national lost and found database to help match found animals to reported lost pets nationwide. Visit lost.petcolove.org

We currently specialize in dog rescue. We recommend contacting one of the humane society's listed in the next question below and ask about surrendering the cat to them. If this is an extreme, life or death emergency, please contact us.

We specialize in emergency rescue and rely on volunteers and donations and have very limited space. If it is not an emergency and you can afford to feed your dog until you find a shelter, please contact one of the following humane societies to surrender your dog:

Souris Valley in Minot, ND

Circle of Friends in Grand Forks, ND

4 Luv of Dogs in Fargo, ND

Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, ND

Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue in Bismarck, ND

If your dog's life is at risk or you do not have any money to feed them, please send us a Facebook message.

It is never easy to say goodbye to our furry friends. Whether they are too sick or old and suffering, putting your dog to sleep is difficult decision to make. If you are able to get your dog to a vet, that is the first option. If you are able to get them to a vet but unable to pay to have them euthanized, contact us and we can find the funds for you. If you are unable to get them to a vet, we can work to help with transportation. Please ask any family and friends for transportation first as our team is extremely busy with rescue. No matter what, however, we don't want any dog to suffer and we will do everything we can to help.

Call or get your dog to a vet asap! If your dog is bleeding, place a compress of clean cloth or gauze directly over your dog’s wound, applying firm but gentle pressure, and allow it to clot. Do not disturb the clots. If blood soaks through the compress, do not remove it, but put another bandage over the first. For other injuries if a vet is unavailable please go to:


If you have further questions contact Keith Benning directly on Facebook messenger or our Facebook page for what you can do. DO NOT give any human pain meds to your pet, human pain meds can be very dangerous, even fatal if given improperly to dogs.

Parvo can be an extremely deadly virus for dogs, especially puppies, and affects their intestinal tract. Within 2 weeks of contracting the virus, dogs will experience diarrhea, bloody stool and vomiting. ​

Parvo spreads through other dog's feces and anyone or any object that comes in contact with it. It can live in your grass for up to 6 months, even through the extreme cold in the winter!

It's very important to vaccinate your dogs starting when they are puppies! If your dog has been vaccinated, they cannot get the virus, even if they come in contact with another dog with parvo.

If you suspect your dog has parvo, contact your vet immediately. There are no recommended or helpful home treatments. For our local followers, we recommend using Rugby Veterinary Service or Towner Animal Health Clinic.

Mange is a skin condition caused by tiny little mites that lay eggs in your dog's skin. It causes hair loss and severe itching to where a dog will bleed and it should be treated immediately by a veterinarian.​

Mange is contagious, and more contagious among malnourished and unhealthy dogs. It's transmitted through shared bedding or cuddling between dogs.

If your dog has mange, contact your vet immediately. For our local followers, we recommend using Rugby Veterinary Service or Towner Animal Health Clinic.

We feel it’s important to disclose our considerations and goals on multiple fronts regarding this question. We employ nine employees, seven are local Native Americans and we are committed to creating jobs within the rescue and keeping them local. We shop locally when we can for rescue related items so donated money is re-invested into the community. We also provide free vaccination clinics to the area. We vaccinate all of our rescued animals, 1,026 in 2020 plus on average 200-300 more animals in the community each year. We provide dog food to the community when we are able and spend about $800 a month in animal medical care for families in the local community that are in need. When a litter of puppies is surrendered to us we spay mom for free so there are less puppies/dogs to deal with in the future. TMAR provides transportation to the vet for families in need, advice, information and care plans at no cost when we are able.

Our monthly vet bills range from one to ten thousand dollars, on average we spend about four thousand a month in veterinary costs.

Employee payroll is about $8,000/ month. Our shelter manager makes a salary that is 30% less than the average shelter manager in North Dakota based on the state average. Based on the average number of hours worked, our shelter manager get’s paid $8.25 per hour, and the assistant shelter manager’s salary is less. The seven local employees that assist our rescue are paid no less than $10-12/hour.

We average $1,200 to $1,500 in fuel costs, $400/month on vehicle insurance, $300/month on vehicle maintenance which is all done at local businesses.

Our monthly power bill is $500-$700 and keeps all the dog houses/kennels/dryers/washers/heat lamps/boot dryers/water pumps going.

We spend a minimum of $100 a month on cleaning agents and sanitizers and an additional $100- $500 a month on materials for repairs and upgrades on anything for the animals that needs to be fixed.

Simply save your receipt from donations made online and give to your tax specialist at the end of the year, or enter it in donations on your tax returns. If you sent cash or a check, message us and we'd be happy to send you a receipt.

We are always looking for help in many different ways. Check out our "How To Help" page!

Call poison control at: 888-426-4435

We need to know as much information as possible. Please answer the following questions and send us a Facebook message with the answers:

  1. Is the dog injured? Is it limping or bleeding?
  2. Does it have any bald spots or large areas where hair is missing?
  3. Can you see its rib cage? Can you see any bones?
  4. Can you safely approach the dog and get it somewhere out of harm. If the dog is showing teeth, or growling at you do not approach the dog.
  5. Have you seen this dog before? If so, how often is it around?
  6. Where is the dog currently located? What color house was it across from, where is the nearest crossing and what side of the road?
  7. Can you take a few pictures for us? More pictures is better.
  8. Can you get the dog to a safe place until someone can pick it up? Where it won't run away - garage, shed, etc.
  9. Are you able to bring the dog to a designated place locally where we can meet you and pick it up in Rolla, Belcourt or Dunseith?

These questions are extremely important. Please send your answers to us through a Facebook Message


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