Courtesy Postings

Our courtesy adoption page is a page meant to help re-home animals that have previously been adopted from TMAR but the adopters can no longer keep them.  When a surrender is requested, sometimes we are at capacity and do not have a space to take them in. In these cases we offer to do do a courtesy post in order to help adopters re-home their animal.

Please note that TMAR has not evaluated these animals since the initial adoption was finalized. The information listed for each animal was provided by individual caregivers and was not generated or verified by TMAR. As with all adoptions, TMAR encourages potential adopters to gain as much information as possible before adopting these animals, including but not limited to temperament testing, consultation with a trainer, and consultation with a veterinarian.  

TMAR will not be handling any part of the adoption process.  Please direct all inquiries to the contact information listed on the animal posting. 

Winston is the biggest lapdog you will meet. He's around 4 years old, fixed, and up to date on vaccines. He loves being around people and will gladly snuggle on the couch for hours. He is a Velcro dog and loves to follow you from room to room. He loves to show off his toys and play his version of tug of war. He is still learning to walk on a leash without pulling but has gotten better. He barks at dogs and appears anxious, but with time is able to settle down and interact. He is housetrained and sleeps well in a kennel at night. He would do best with a family that does not have other pets and is willing to give him plenty of exercise and cuddles. He truly is the perfect companion dog and will give you all his love and attention.

CONTACT: or 719-439-8049